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Who are we?

Building technologies to reconnect us with the physical world.

Phantom Tech is a software start-up founded by a group of 🎮 game engineers, 🧙 code wizards and 👽 alien researchers who believe in exploring and connecting with nature. Our vision is to build technologies that reconnect us with our physical world in new, playful and exciting ways.

We are big believers of teamwork. We strive to support each other on our quest to solving difficult problems, and we always find a way to be enthusiastic about what we do. In the rare occasion when we’re not building super intelligence, we go on hikes across the country, play video games, and share interests in art, music and technology.


Contextualising real-world data for developers.

.   .   .


Our principles.

Our Values.

We value balance.

We value consistency.


We value science as the greatest tool to measure how little we know.

We value that good art is a technical achievement, but great art is a phenomenon that moves people.

and we value one rule...

...Believe in what you do.


Philosophy, Art and Science.

We believe that the greatest inventions are the ones that unify Philosophy, Art and Science.

We believe that they are the fundamental three principles that drive humanity forward; the teachings that let us use our imagination to create marvellous things.

We believe that technology should empower people to explore, construct, teach and transcend; to ultimately help us reach the stars.

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