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Up to 25K monthly active users per app.

SLAM + Occlusion
Spatial Mapping
AR Pathfinding
Object Recognition (5 objects)
AR Map
Sample Scene



Priced Per Seat

With added digital twin workflows.

SLAM + Occlusion
Spatial Mapping
AR Pathfinding
Object Recognition (10 objects)
AR Map
Multiple Sample Scenes

Save 3D Scans
Advanced Simulation Tools

Add-on Services

Priced Per Service 

Powerful tools, packages & API services.

Support Services
Real-time Spatial Analytics
Custom Machine Learning
Semantics API

Advanced Backend Integration


Creative plan.

Create without the hassle of contracts or licence fees. Only pay for your usage.


Start for free. You get a meaningful free tier until you have a substantial number of monthly active users on your app.

Volume discounts

As your userbase grows, you'll automatically get volume pricing. We want you to succeed, so we give you the benefit of growth.

Save when you commit

Receive additional discounts, offers and exclusive early access to new features for annual commitments.


Monthly active users (MAU)

An end-user of PhantomEngine services within your app during your month-long billing period.

Creative Pricing

What innovators say.


"It’s been an informative and interesting experience. The asset is intuitive to use and the Yunex Traffic team enjoy working with the PhantomEngine.".

Marco Minganna

Graduate Software Engineer, Yunex Traffic


Enterprise plan.

Position your team for success with advanced AR features.
Purchase a plan per seat.

Save 3D scans

Capture environments and store 3D maps with full access to file storage and advanced configuration.

Enterprise simulation tools

Create digital twin solutions with advanced simulation tools and access to add-on services.

Get multi-buy discount

Save when you purchase 3 or more seats for your team and receive additional benefits for annual commitments.

Enterprise Pricing

Get in touch to discover how we can add value to your team with PhantomEngine. We're here to help with:

  • Support services. 

  • Technical advice.

  • Add-on services.

Try our SDK for free

Our free plan includes:

Up to 25k monthly active users

Access to a wide range of AR tools

No billing info required

Unrestricted use

Area of interest
Talk with us
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