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Build Context-Aware AR Experiences.

PhantomEngine SDK provides a suite of tools for developing planet-scale AR applications with real-world data.

Our world is your canvas.

PhantomEngine gives you reality-bending powers to develop believable AR/XR experiences that get people moving. Download our SDK and start building the future of gaming for the explorers of our real world.


Give spatial awareness to your applications.

Take a virtual copy of the real-world with super fast 3D Spatial Mapping on iOS and Android.

Bring your virtual agents to life with AR pathfinding.

Create games with intelligent agents that can avoid real-world obstacles.


Set real-world conditions.
With real-world data.

Build mind-blowing AR apps that have a deep awareness of reality. PhantomEngine lets you incorporate user's environment, objects and map data into the game experience for planet-scale immersion.


Our software enables you to create a real-world metaverse where your virtual worlds co-exist and are affected by real-world conditions.

Modular by design.
Game engine ready.

We've designed PhantomEngine from the ground-up to be compatible with industry-standard game engines, so you can benefit from a huge variety of libraries, services and tools to combine for your development needs. 

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PhantomEngine SDK for Unity

Discover seriously powerful AR tools.


Get Early Access.

Sign up to our alpha testing programme and get a head start on your context-aware AR app development.

Get Early Access
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